Community Church Pre-Year End Financial Update – February 24, 2016


Dear Community Church Members and Supporters,


GRATEFUL THANKS come from the stewardship team for another blessed year from our generous God as our church family grows in numbers, and, more importantly, in spiritual maturity.

We also thank you, our brothers and sisters, for your increased generosity this year in returning to God a portion of the blessings He gives!

We’re also rejoicing that an increasing number of you have switched to regular autopay arrangements, making a huge bonus to our ability to plan ahead.

As Christians, money is not an aim in itself, but is a means to enable us to nurture our Community Church family, to grow Jesus’ church, to visit the prisoners, to comfort the sick, and to give care to those who need it, from the orphans to the elderly.

One request: Every year at this time, our account books show a shortfall to breakeven. This is not a problem, but a temporary result of the seasonal pattern of our giving. Yet stewardship committee members are only human, so we do tend to bite our nails and frown at the shortfall for some weeks.

You can easily fix this. If you normally tithe at the end of the financial year, or review your finances and top-up your contribution at this time, it would really help if you did it in good time, and certainly before the end of March. Save the stewardship team members’ fingernails!

As Christians, we know the secret about money that so many people miss: it’s not what a person gets but what a person gives that makes them rich. God is good.

The Stewardship Committee:
Sheila Chuang
Doug Eu
Steve Gaultney
Kim Ho
Harriet Holbrook
Roger Lam
David Lin
Kofi Owusu-Ansah
Candy So
Bo Weathersbee
Nury Vittachi
Carrie Yu


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