eGoodNews – August 17, 2017

Prayer Life

Lord, because you have made me, I owe you the whole of my love; because you have redeemed me, I owe you the whole of myself; because you have promised so much, I owe you all of my being. 

I pray you, Lord, make me taste by love what I taste by knowledge; let me know by love what I know by understanding. I owe you more than my whole self, but I have no more, and by myself I cannot render the whole of it to you. Draw me to you, Lord, in the fullness of love. I am wholly yours by creation; make me all yours, too, in love. Amen.

– from Anselm (1033 – 1109)


This Week…

CM & YM Leadership Meeting – Aug 19 (Sat)

Community Church NEEDS YOU! Whether you have volunteered before or never at all, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry are both in need of volunteers that are willing to help lead the next generation towards Christ. If God is calling you to step out into volunteering, please contact Suzanne or Levi. For those who want to find out more about the ministries before deciding to commit, join us for our Leadership Meeting on August 19th from 2-5:30pm.


Spectrum Parent Meeting – Aug 20 (this SUN)

We will have a Spectrum parent meeting this Sunday after the second service from 1:15-2:15pm. All parents are welcome as we will just be talking about the upcoming Spectrum calendar, our vision for this year, and our new structure as well as answering any questions that you may have. Feel free to invite friends whose child does not currently attend Spectrum but might be interested to know what we do/offer. Lunch will be provided as well! Hope to see you there.


Children’s Ministry Update

A new term of Sunday School is coming! We will start off with a Welcome Back Party on September 3. Registration will start this Sunday and forms can be found at the welcome desk. Please contact Suzanne if you have any questions.

Our first teachers and volunteers meeting will be on August 19th (Saturday), from 2-5:30pm. Lunch will be provided at 1pm. Please mark this date on your calendars.


Youth Ministry Update

This Friday night we will be kicking off Spectrum with a bang with a celebration of the Birthday day of one of our students! Juniors will meet from 6pm-8pm and Seniors will meet from 8pm-9:30pm. Hope to see your child there!



Upcoming Events

Newcomers’ Lunch – Sep 3 (Sun)

New to Community Church?  Want to meet others who are new?  Want to know more about Community Church?  Talk with the pastors?  If you do, we invite you to a luncheon with the Pastors on Sep 3 (Sunday) from 1:15 to 2:30 pm for a time of lunch, fellowship and questions.  There’s no cost or obligation.  We’ll try to answer all your questions and give you a good understanding of our church. Please sign up at the Welcome Desk.


Alpha Course – Fall 2017

Alpha Course is back at Community Church every Wednesday from 7-9:30 p.m. between Oct 11 and Nov 29 this year. You can help by praying about it, inviting your friends to join, and perhaps considering joining the Alpha Team. We are looking for helpers in leading small group discussions, event coordination, food preparation and food contribution. If you are interested or have any queries, please contact Maggie Yang/ Shirley Chau/ Sophia Lam/ Vanessa Lee or email to Thanks a lot for your support!




Hope For All Church – Church Plant Update

Hope For All is running its 4th preview service at ICM in Yau Ma Tei this Sunday at 11-1 PM. We will be sharing our time together in worship, words and fellowship this week. Please join us to get know each other, bring new friends, and share the love of God, especially with those who are new to the church. We will have the Children’s Ministry running during the main service time, so families are most welcome to join the service. We also have a prayer and intercession time for church planting on Fridays from 6:30-7:15 PM at J+, please join us! 

Please follow us up on our website or Facebook page at

Ebson Simick 

Lead Planter, Pastoral Associate 

Community Church HK


Volunteer Opportunities at ICM

Kid’s club Specialist help needed. We have around 30 – 40 children that come to Kid’s club every Saturday. Teams from our partner churches help out but we have 3 children who have very specific special educational needs, which are proving to be challenging given our constraints.  We are in need of an Educational special needs specialist who could a) come and train our staff in better ways to facilitate these children or alternatively b) who could train a small volunteer team from your church to help with these children on a monthly rota. 


Please contact Cecilia or Martin for more information.











































































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