Facilities Usage Policy

The property of Community Church at J+ belongs to God. God has entrusted us with the use of these facilities and thus they must be maintained and cared for in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord.


Our facilities are a gift from God. They have been paid for through the tithes and offerings of our members and friends. We desire to use them for the glory of God and for the accomplishing of our purposes as a church. Ministry events (events planned by the staff of Community Church) will take priority over non-ministry events for obvious reasons.


With these principles in mind, the following guidelines apply:

1. Activities of Community Church Hong Kong take precedence over all other activities.


2. Building usage must be approved in advance. Please note that all requests will be reviewed on an individual basis, with Community Church ministries and members receiving first preference. Final decisions will be made at the discretion of the Staff.


3. Church facilities may be used by outside groups who are non-political and non-profit organizations, and whose charter and/or by-laws state that the primary purpose of such group is of a benevolent nature.


4. Event should be either sponsored by Community Church Hong Kong, or endorsed by a member of Community Church.


5. Saturday events must be planned to accommodate the worship activities on Sunday mornings – i.e. chair set up, cleanup, etc.


6. The sound and multi-media systems in the worship hall are available for use only when operated by a trained Community Church multi-media team member.


7. If the event involves individuals under the age of 18, at least one adult (21+) must be present at all times and must be aware of safety procedures in the event of an emergency.


8. All children must be closely supervised, that is, they are not to have unrestricted access to areas not approved for use. 9. Smoking is NOT allowed in any area of the church.


10.Nails, tape, tacks, screws, etc. are prohibited for attaching items to walls, doors, and ceilings. Sticky tack is the only acceptable use of adhesive.


11.Bathrooms are to be left clean and orderly.


12.Please notify the church office of any damage, injury, or incident occurring on church property.


13.Prior to leaving the facility the person reserving the building is to ensure that all lights are off, air-conditioning unites are off, all equipment is returned to its place and turned off, and all doors are locked. Please take all trash with you and replace liner.