Life Groups

Why Join a LifeGroup?


Life has its ups and downs. Whether you are on up or a down, you were not made to experience it alone. It’s the same with your relationship with Jesus.


Through a life group, you are able to grow closer to others and Christ as you share your journeys together. Life groups are a great place to be encouraged as you learn, grow and reach out to others.


We have church LifeGroups in Discovery Bay, Mid-levels, Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, Repulse Bay, Happy Valley and various locations so you can expect to get connected with someone who lives near you.

Monday Ladies

7:30pm @ Church


We are the Monday Ladies that meet from 7:30pm – 10pm every Monday at J+. Together we praise God and encourage each other to grow in our understanding of the Bible.


Leaders: Joyce Lee and Helen Claudio

Wednesday Discovery Bay/ Lantau

7:30pm @ DB/ Lantau (Alternative Week)


The Lantau/ Discovery Bay Life group started in early 2015. We have a variety of ages and backgrounds. Children are welcome. We meet every other Wednesday from 730-9pm. If you live on Lantau, please join us!


Leaders: Denver & Jenny Taylor, Bartek & Lisa Baczkowski

Thursday Central

7:30pm @ Church


We are a vibrant, energetic, and fun loving young adults group…. seeking God’s ways & His will as we get grounded in His Word! Great chemistry, great worship and great food!


Leaders: Solomon Ka, Tami Tsang, Tiffany Chow and Amanda Hong

Thursday Lunchtime

12:45pm @ Church


Though we have only 1 1/4 hours, we manage to fellowship, study the Bible, have good discussions, pray and be prayed for during each session. It’s compact, but rejuvenates you so that you can face whatever is going on at work, home or wherever you find yourself during the day. You can bring your lunch so that you’ll be filled both physically and spiritually.


Leaders: Wade Wollin and Linda Wolfe

Wednesday Stubbs Road

7:45pm @ Stubbs Road


We hope to be a Bible-study-based fellowship. All are welcome to join to walk together on our faith journey and to grow in each other’s support as brothers and sisters in Christ. Please eat before you come for a rewarding evening of worship, Bible study, fellowship and prayer. We aim to end by 10 pm with light refreshments provided by the hosts.


Leaders: Janet Ho, Candy & Conrad So

Saturday Mid-levels

5:00pm @ Mid-Levels (1st & 3rd Saturday)


We are a group of singles and couples from around the world, gathering in Mid-Levels (although we don’t all live there), focusing on how to live out our faith at work and play. We meet Saturdays (1st and 3rd of the month), from 5:00-7:00 pm and appetizers are served. Because of apartment size constraints, we do not have a program for children. New members are welcome!


Leaders: Linda & Jeff Wolfe, Sally & Bill Kooser

Saturday Men’s

7:30am @ Church


We are looking to connect, share our stories and grow together.   If you are looking for an authentic place to grow then please join us on the journey.  Breakfast provided.  Please contact David Lin for more details.


Leaders: David Lin

Bilingual Cantonese Life Groups

Thursday Happy Valley

8:15pm @ Happy Valley


The Happy Valley Life group meets every Thursday at 8:15pm to 10pm in Happy Valley. Our group consists of English and Cantonese speaking mid-career to retired, single and married members.


Leaders: Vicki & Joe Kwan


Sunday Afternoon

2:00pm @ Church (1st & 3rd Sunday)


Join us after your Sunday lunch, we meet at J+ at 2pm. We are an English and Cantonese speaking group consisting mostly of early to mid-career members. Join us for a great time of study and sharing.


Leaders: Kevin Kwok,  Shirley Chau and Sophia Lam

Families and Couples Life Groups

Sunday Young Families

1:15pm @ Church (Alternate Sundays)


Our group warmly welcomes families with young children (infants and toddlers) and young couples who are planning to start a family and don’t mind our noisy younglings. Our focus is to study and learn together, to be a Godly parent and family and to pray for one another.


Leaders: Cecilia & Alan Wong

Repulse Bay

5:00pm @ Repulse Bay (Alternate Saturdays)


Comprised mainly families with children aged six to twelve, our families also include several youth and of course moms and dads. In addition to a love for God and God’s people, we also have a passion for good food; all are invited to join us! We have praise worship and study time followed by small group prayer time and then a potluck dinner.


Leaders: John Teng, Simon Chu & Jessica Kong

Sunday Couples

2:00pm @ Church (2nd & 4th Sunday)


A passionate and fun loving couples group. Embrace and empower marriage as the threshold to spiritual growth. Support one another to build a Godly family. Reach out and serve the community.


Leaders: Julia & Marcelo Kita, Evelyn & Ricky Lok

Saturday Peak/ Braemar Hill

5:00pm @ The Peak/ Braemar Hill (Alternate Week)


Meeting every other Saturday on mountaintops, we like to laugh, we confess to being “foodies”, but most of all we love to talk about things that matter. Although we’ve become close-knit friends, we love making new friends. The group is very varied, with single people, family types and folk of all ages. Visit us for fellowship, food, fun-learning about the Christian life, and did we mention the food?


Leaders: Erica & Wade Wollin, Rulin Fuong & Mary Vittachi, Andrew & Rebecca Green

Manna Family

2:00pm @ Church (1st & 3rd Sunday)


We are Manna Family – a group of loving and vibrant young families with infants & toddlers. We meet to enjoy fellowship as we develop friendships and encourage each other in our experience of life with Jesus. We also aim to provide a safe place for our children to learn about God’s love and teachings; to nurture them to grow with peers who share the same Christian faith and values. We welcome any young families and expecting couples to join our journey together in God’s abundant provisions like Manna described in the book of Exodus.

Leaders: Solomon Ka, Angela Zee, Christine Tsang & Wilson Mak

Young Adults Life Group

Tuesday Young Adults – Ohana

7:30pm @ Church


We are a diverse group of young professionals in our 20s-30s, studying and working in Hong Kong. Our mission is to fellowship in solidarity by learning and sharing the Gospel. We hold on to 1 Timothy 4:12, which says, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” Come join us 7:30-9:30pm at J+!


Leaders: Gillian Xu, Sisi Chen and Deji

Wednesday Wan Chai

7:30pm @ Wan Chai


We are a group of young professionals open to new people from all backgrounds. If you are exploring what a church is, we welcome you. Each Wednesday at 7:30pm we meet in a home in Wai Chai to get to know each other, pray for each other, and study the Bible in order to know God.


Leaders: Charlotte Poon and Zabina Leung

Sunday Young Adults

2:00pm @ Church


We are a passionate and energetic group aiming to create a Home-like environment for members to develop strong bonds and give mutual support. This is also a platform for believers and non-believers to further explore Christian learning. We use our action to demonstrate our belief of “Love thy neighbor as yourself”. We care about our community, social issues, being humble and authentic. Join us.


Leaders: David Lam & Vanessa Lee

Thursday Younger Adults

7:30pm @ Church


Vibrant and filled with enthusiasm, this Younger Adult Life group is geared towards those who are in their early career stages, fresh graduate, or even still in university. We gather together on Thursday nights at 7:30pm at J+ and dive into God’s word as well as discuss about our similar life challenges and journeys. We are all going through a discovery of life and are presented with new choices everyday, so being able to come together with a group of people who understand where you are makes the journey more enjoyable. Come join us Thursday nights and hope to see you there!


Leaders: Levi Garcia and Arianna Ruvalcaba