Youth Ministry Update


Welcome to the new school year. On Fridays (5pm – 8pm), we will be introducing a new curriculum SHINE-STAND-SECURE. This aims to engage our youth in discussions of their concerns, explore Old Testament stories of how God’s people faced their challenges and equip our youth with New Testament teaching from Jesus with how and why to live Christ-like lives. 
On Sundays (9:30am & 11:30am), we align the curriculum with the September sermon series of the H.O.P.E Vision with a Youth Series called The Power of 3. Then in October and November, we dive into 40 days of Prayer.
Our studies on Fridays and Sundays ask these 3 questions: 1) What does the Bible say about this? 2) How is this relevant to our lives today? 3) How do we apply and demonstrate this daily with our friends and family?
If you have any questions, feel free to email Grace ( or have a chat when you see her at church or out and about.

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