Youth Ministry Update


FRIDAY 11th June at 5pm – Youth Sunday Planning and we continue our new topic on FAITH!
It’s 3 weeks until YOUTH SUNDAY – Sunday 4th July. We only get to do this yearly, so it’s your opportunity to have a choice and voice on what we’d like to share and how we lead our church.


SUNDAY 13th June: In person at both 9:30am & 11:30am services:
We continue on our FAITH journey. What is faith? Why is it important? Do we always need it? Can I live a “good” life without faith? If I doubt God and what I know about Jesus, am I still loved and still a Christian? As always, all questions are welcome (and answered!) so let’s learn and live out our faith journey together!
 To join us in person this Sunday, please register here.


Updates on the youth and parents chat and contact Grace (GG) for answers to your questions.

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