Youth Ministry Update


Hi Parentals, this is a quick but important update of what’s on for the next 2 weeks.   


The clear and consistent message is: God says we are to obey our parents and the authorities. We love our neighbours by being respectful and obedient to ensure our city can heal and recover.

Being patient and reorganising activities is better than contracting and recovering from covid.


All planned in person activities are cancelled until further notice (UFN)


So here’s the alternative plan for Spectrum for the next 2 weeks: 


  • Friday night 6pm onwards:  Zoom games and devotional (Let’s go surfing)
  • Sunday: Church online: 9:30am and 11:30am 
  • Sunday 1:30pm – 3:30pm : God Behaving Badly book study (Seniors and Young Adults): Zoom 

(All are welcome to log on and participate in Spectrum Zoom and church online)


Links are in the group description (of the WhatsApp chats) for quick and easy access.


For more info and any questions, feel free to email Grace (, or call her on 5912-3880.


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