Hope For All Church Update


We’re so glad that we could give an update about our ministry here at HFA at Community Church last Sunday. If you would like to catch up, please click here.


Hope For All church is celebrating its third anniversary on Sunday September 27th. When we will be sharing our praise report and various testimonies. Please come join us if you are interested.


If you have been praying for the young adults in your family or in your community, this is the right time to direct them to a program like Mini DTS discipleship training program, which will be happening from Oct 1-3 (online). Check out the topics and speakers here and sign up now.


We appreciate your prayers, financial support, and volunteer support toward these causes. If you would like to participate or want to find out more, please feel free to contact Pastor Edson at ebson@hopeforall.hk or Sandra Lee (Admin) at sandra@hopeforall.hk.



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