Life Groups

Life has its ups and downs. Whether you are on up or a down, you were not made to experience it alone. It’s the same with your relationship with Jesus.


Through a life group, you are able to grow closer to others and Christ as you share your journeys together. Life groups are a great place to be encouraged as you learn, grow and reach out to others.


We have church LifeGroups in Discovery Bay, Mid-levels, Sheung Wan, Sai Ying Pun, Repulse Bay, Happy Valley and various locations so you can expect to get connected with someone who lives near you.






Monday Ladies 7:30 pm Church @ J+ Phoebe Lam & Joyce Lee
Tuesday Ladies’ Lunch 12:45 pm Church @ J+ Dorothy Chan & Candy So
Tuesday Young Adults 7:30 pm Church @ J+ Kofi Owusu-Ansah, Carine Kiala, Ernie Ofori and Justin Louie
Tuesday Discovery Bay/Lantau (2nd Tuesday) 7:30 pm Discovery Bay / Lantau Denver and Jenny Taylor, Bartek and Lisa Baczkowski
Wednesday Stubbs Road 7:45 pm Stubbs Road Janet Ho, Conrad So & Candy So (Host)
Wednesday Men’s (2nd & 4th Wednesday) 7:00pm Black’s Link /Church @J+ Robert Ho & Joe Kwan
Thursday Young Adults 7:30pm Sai Ying Pun Bo Weathersbee & Julie Ellis
Thursday Central 7:15 pm Church @ J+ Solomon Ka, Kennis Heong, Tami Tsang and Restyandito
Thursday Happy Valley (Bilingual Cantonese) 8:15 pm Happy Valley Bosco Cheung, Vicki & Joe Kwan
Friday Stubbs Road (Alternate Week) 7:00 pm Stubbs Road Kim Ho, Meng & T Y Ng
Saturday Young Families/ Married Couples (Alternate Week) Last Fri at 8:30pm
2nd Sat at 4:30pm
Church @ J+ Cecilia & Alan Wong
Saturday Family (Alternate Week) 5:00 pm Repulse Bay Simon Chu, John Teng & Jessica Kong (Host)
Saturday Peak / Braemar Hill (Alternate Week) 5:00 pm The Peak / Braemar Hill Erica & Pastor Wade Wollin, Rulin Fuong & Mary Vittachi
Saturday Mid-level (1st & 3rd Sat) 5:00 pm Robinson Road Jeff & Linda Wolfe, Bill & Sally Kooser
Sunday Afternoon (Alternate Week and Bilingual Cantonese) 2:00 pm Church @ J+ Shirley Chau & Kevin Kwok
Sunday Couple (2nd and 4th Sunday) 2:00 pm Church @ J+ Julia & Marcelo Kita
Sunday Young Adults 1:30 pm Church @ J+ David Lam & Vanessa Lee
Manna Family (1st & 3rd Sun ) 2:30 pm Church @ J+ Soloman, Wilson, Christine and Angela


If you want to get connected to others, try picking a Community Church Life Group. I guarantee you’ll find a greater opportunity to learn to love like Jesus. What are you waiting for?


Please contact the church office for contact information.


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