Vision 2020

Community Church’s Vision 2020 is to be:


A community of Christ followers committed to bringing the HOPE of Jesus Christ to Hong Kong by healing broken relationships, organizing resources to serve the poor, planting churches and equipping disciples to witness in their daily lives.


This vision flows naturally from the solid base, which God has enabled us to build on: worshipping God in Christ through faith, engaging the world in hope and living in community with love.  Vision 2020: H.O.P.E. is a more deliberate and focused plan on ‘how’ we will ‘engage the world in hope’.  The components of this vision are captured in the acronym H.O.P.E as described below.


Bringing the hope of Jesus Christ into people’s everyday needs will be part of each component.  The basic answer to the ‘how’ behind the H.O.P.E. vision is that ‘we will do it together with God’s help’.  So, it requires developing all of our base components of worship, world and community.  The acquistion of a premises would be a resource means to help us achieve the vision.


H – Healing broken relationships: the hope of wholeness.

  • Identify and leverage resources related to relational wholeness from inside and outside Community Church.
  • Identify and form the most needed support groups.
  • Expand our current offerings/courses in relational wholeness with God, self and others.


O – Organizing resources to serve the poor: the hope of a future.

  • Continue to work with greater intentionality with existing Ministry Partners who serve the poor.
  • Explore, learn and experiment with different ways to help the poor (eg., mentoring).
  • Pick a cause for systemic change (eg., laws related to refugees).


P – Planting churches: the hope of community. 

  • Work with our seminarians, Ebson and Tryfina Simick, on their proposal to plant an English-speaking, multi-ethnic church to build community in the Yaumatei/TST/Mongkok area.
  • Continue to learn church-planting models, and identify our own in-house church planting capacity.


E – Equipping disciples to witness in their daily lives: the hope of meaning.

  • Identify/address any gaps in our current equipping (e.g., Post-alpha gap, pathway to spiritual maturity, leadership development, everyone serving).
  • Identify the equipping essentials and develop the necessary curriculum.
  • Expand our current offerings in the Faith and Work ministry.


The essence of Vision 2020 is bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to Hong Kong.  Each of the above components will have an internal and external perspective.