ROAD Through Revelation

We would like to ask you to take a moment out of each day to reflect on a part of the book of Revelation following the ROAD steps:

  • Read: Open your Bible to the Scripture on the right date. Take time to read it and allow God to speak to you, don’t rush. Look for a single verse that stands out for you. Memorise it or write it in a journal.
  • Observe: What do you think God is saying to you in this Scripture? Use your own words to record the context of the passage.
  • Apply: Personalise it by asking yourself how this applies to your life at this moment. Write down or reflect on how God is bringing you to apply this Scripture to yourself today. How will you be different today because of what you have just read?
  • Devote: Take a moment to bring your heart to God. Be sure to listen to what God has to say and either receive it into your heart or write it down.

11 Weeks through Revelation: