LifeGroup Leaders Resources

Here are some resources for you as you lead your groups.

Life Group Training Manual

Life Groups are an incredibly important part of Community Church’s heart to see people grow in their relationship with Christ.   Read more about the purpose of our groups, their commitments to authenticity, transformation, and care in this Vision section.  Also included are the following tools; a step by step guide to help the group evaluate itself, a life group covenant worksheet and a multiplication guide.

Leading with a servant’s heart is key to the health of our groups.  Included in this section is a leadership chart that lists several key opportunities for members to take ownership of their group, a chart describing the life cycle of a typical small group and a page of ideas to help you raise up future leaders.

Pastoral Care
Life Groups are on the front line of caring for the needs in the church.  This section offers care strategies for your group, instructions on active listening,  a conflict resolution guide, and a list of helpful Scriptures for your group members.

Life Group Curriculum
There are many great small group materials on hand to choose from for your group.  Check out the options at: Contact Pastor Wade to reserve one of the studies for your group.  If you have an idea for a new curriculum, just let me know and I can look into ordering it.