The LORD is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.
Psalms 145:18

Weekly Prayer Life

We ask for your help, Father of Christ, Lord of all that is, Creator of all the created, Maker of all that is made; we stretch out clean hands to you and lay bare our minds, Lord, before you. Have mercy, we pray to you; spare us, be kind to us, improve us; fill us with virtue, faith and knowledge.


Look at us, Lord; we bring our weaknesses before you to see. Be kind and merciful to all of us here gathered together; have pity on this people of yours and show them your favor, make them equitable, temperate and pure; send out angelic powers to make this your people—all that compose it—holy and noble.


Send the Holy Spirit into our minds, I beg you, and grant that we may learn to understand the holy scriptures he inspired. May we interpret them correctly and fittingly, for the benefit of all the faithful here present. through your only Son, Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit. Through him may glory and power be yours, now and age after age.




– Serapion, Bishop of Thmuis (c.360)