Stations of the Cross



03/04/2022 - 17/04/2022    
All Day


During the season of Lent, we reflect on the passion of our Lord and remember that he suffered the cross for our sake. While we continue to remain socially distanced through government regulations, our team is putting together a virtual Stations of the Cross experience to help in this time of contemplation.


Please prepare the following items so that you may transition through the Stations while reflecting throughout the journey:

  • Station #1: Please prepare the Communion elements of bread and wine/juice.
  • Stations #3 and #4: Paper and pen to write with.
  • Station #6: A candle and a lighter.

For now, we thank you for coming to this place. The Stations will be available after services this Sunday, April 3; so please return afterwards to journey through the Stations.

April 25


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April 25, 2024
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