Community Church Mentoring Ministry (C2M2)

Would you like to deepen your connections with another Christian? Perhaps you would value having someone to journey along with spiritually, to mature in your faith and/or to learn from the experiences of a more seasoned Christian.  A Christian mentor is simply someone committed to offering care, guidance, support and accountability, all founded on Biblical truths, to someone else on the journey of faith.  The emphasis of C2M2 relationships will be on spiritual mentoring with a focus on Christ and building Christian disciples.   Whether you are new to Community Church or an old timer, C2M2  offers you a great way to go deeper in life with a fellow Christian brother or sister.  Making disciples of Christ is something we do both for and with one another.  As relationships within the church grow, the body of Christ grows.


Spiritual mentoring is designed for matched pairs to meet regularly for spiritual and personal growth, where lives may be transformed.  As a mentee, you will have the opportunity to deepen your faith and to grow and learn from this relationship.  Couples are also invited to seek more seasoned Christian mentor couples.


We will host an initial gathering of all participants on Sunday, September 30th, where matched pairs introduce themselves to one another, learn about expectations/commitment to the program, and raise any questions.  This will also be an opportunity for matched pairs to arrange their initial one-on-one meetings.  Outside of the initial meeting, the onus should be on the mentee to keep in contact, communicate expectations or changes thereof, and ask for help when needed.  Both sides commit to meeting a minimum of once a month from October 2018 until January 2019, and the mentoring relationship may be extended by mutual agreement. Meetings may include discussion, Bible study and/or prayer.   We will host a celebration gathering for all participants sometime around Chinese New Year. 

If you are interested in stepping into this mutually beneficial relationship, fill out the form below.  We will make our best efforts to secure mentors for all interested individuals and couples.  However, depending on interest level, we cannot guarantee all interested potential mentees will be matched (so you are encouraged to submit your application as soon as practicable!).


Benefits of a spiritual mentoring relationship:

  • Affirmation & encouragement
  • A role model
  • Accountability
  • Advice and guidance
  • A listening ear
  • Spiritual growth and connection

Registration open September 2-September 30.  Stop by at the welcome desk or contact for details.