Who We Are

Community Church is an interdenominational and international, English-speaking community of faith. Our vision is to follow Jesus’ words “Go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19) We live out this vision in Hong Kong by seeking to serve and call the English-speaking international community to Christ and Christ-likeness. Together we seek to encounter Christ in faith, engage the world with hope and encourage one another through love.


Three words that are important to us are ‘worship’, ‘world’ and ‘community’. We desire to create a place of worship where all can connect at a deep and personal level with Jesus Christ; we desire to make a real and lasting impact on the worlds that Christ has placed us in; we desire to work together in a community where we are accepted for who we are, but challenged to become Christ-like, and equipped to fully use our gifts for others with Christ. We value unity in diversity and God’s incredible grace, which we desire to share with others.