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Care Bags 2023

February 25, 2023 April 8, 2023



After listening to the sermons from “A Bigger Table” series, we now have an opportunity to bring a bigger table to several hundreds of our neighbours during this Lenten/Easter season. The Outreach Team is launching the “Care Bags 2023” campaign from this week, which aims to bring 300 or more care bags by early April to the people served by our Ministry Partners, including the elderly, severely handicapped, and sick and underprivileged. We earnestly seek your support in one or all of the following ways to make this Lenten programme a success. You can help by:


  1. Bringing any number of the items needed to Church on Sundays or dropping them off anytime at the Church office between 9:30am and 5:30pm from Tuesday to Friday. Scroll down for a list of the suggested items and links to them.

  2. Cash or cheque donations that are marked with “Care Bags” in the Circle Area on Sundays. You can also provide donations by the method you normally make your offering and note it as “Care Bags.”

  3. Joining our distribution team. You can join by signing up via this form. From the form, you can find out more about the 3 opportunities for packing and distribution on Saturday, April 1; Wednesday, April 19; and Friday, April 21. Join us and let’s love the city together!

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Janet Ho by phone at 9094-4579 or by email at jmyh@netvigator.com for more information.



Join the Distribution Team (tap this address): bit.ly/cc-carebag-distro23


Items to Purchase for Care Bags 2023 Campaign

If using delivery services, please send your items to:
Community Church Hong Kong,
1/F, J+ Building,
35-45B Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong


For item deliveries, please note that the Church Office is closed on Mondays and Saturdays.



Items List (all examples are for reference only):



  • Item 1: 200 of any type of noodles (e.g., instant noodles, cup noodles, rice noodles, spaghetti, etc.)

  • Item 2: 110 low-sugar biscuits (e.g., this or this)

  • Item 3: 250 bath towels (e.g., this)

  • Item 4: 100 cranberry juice (e.g., this)

  • Item 5: 310 individually-wrapped cakes (e.g., this)

  • Item 6: 100 dried prunes (e.g., this)

  • Item 7: 100 moisturisers (e.g., this)

  • Item 8: 100 Johnson’s pH5.5 body wash (e.g., this)

  • Item 9: 100 toothpaste (e.g., this)

  • Item 10: 200 Vaseline petroleum jelly (e.g., this)

  • Item 11: 100 Huggies wet wipes (e.g., this)
  • Item 12: 100 Mentholatum ointment (e.g., this)

  • Item 13: 40 adult diapers (e.g., this)

  • Item 14: 110 tea bags (e.g., this)

  • Item 15: 100 cooking oil (e.g., this)

  • Item 16: 100 bags of rice (e.g., this)

  • Item 17: 40 dolls


February 25, 2023
April 8, 2023