eGoodNews – April 19, 2018

Prayer Life

Grant me, O most sweet loving Jesus, to rest in you above every creature, above all health and beauty, above all glory and honor, above all power and dignity, above all knowledge and subtlety, above all riches and arts, above all joy and exultation, above all fame and praise, above all sweetness and consolation, above all hope and promise, above all desert and desire, above all gifts and presents which you are able to bestow or infuse, above all joy and gladness which the mind is capable of receiving and feeling; finally, above angels and archangels, and above all the heavenly host, above all things visible and invisible, and above all you are not, O my God!


– from Thomas a Kempis (1380 -1471)


This Week…

CORE – Essential Course – Apr 22, 29  (this SUN)

Our CORE Essential Course will continue on April 22, 29, at 1-4pm at Community Church.


Class 2 – Spiritual Growth (Apr 22)

This class will help you develop the habits needed to jump-start your spiritual growth.  It will give you an overview and practical experience in two essential habits (prayer and reading the Bible).  You will take a spiritual temperament inventory and discover the spiritual habits that are the most natural for you to connect with.   Finally, you will create an individualized Spiritual Growth Plan that you can use to take the next steps in your journey.


Class 3 – Serving and Sharing Christ (Apr 29)

 At Community Church we believe that every believer is called to serve and share Christ.  During this class you will learn the Spiritual Gifts God has given you and how you can use those gifts to serve others. You will also be able reflect on your own story of salvation and how you can share that story with others in order to connect them with God.  


At the end of CORE you will have the opportunity to fill out, sign and submit the Membership Application or wait until another time.  To sign up, please click here. For more information, please contact Pastor Wade.


Children’s Ministry Update

Our April theme is “Patience – Some things are worth the wait”. This Sunday, the story which we will learn from the Bible is The Golden Calf in Exodus 32:1-35. When you think you can’t wait, think about what’s true. The Bible memory verse is from Psalm 27:14. Come join us and don’t miss our great fun learning!  


Youth Ministry Update

FRIDAY – Spectrum Youth – Seniors 4pm – 6pm & Everyone else 6pm – 9pm

SUNDAY – Spectrum Youth Alpha – 9:30am & 11:30am

SERVE SUNDAY – May 6th –  Science & Faith


Upcoming Events…

re: A Service of Hope and Healing – May 2 (Wed) @ 7:30-8:30pm

Do you long for a space to encounter God? Do you long to experience hope and healing for you or your friends and family or for our city? As we gather to seek God, he will draw us closer and reveal his heart to us. He brings wholeness – restoring, renewing, reconciling. re: is a service designed to enter God’s presence to experience his hope and healing. Bring your friends and join us on May 2 (Wed), from 7:30-8:30pm, at Community Church.


Newcomers’ Lunch – May 6 (Sun)

New to Community Church?  Want to meet others who are new?  Want to know more about Community Church?  Talk with the pastors?  If you do, we invite you to a luncheon with the Pastors on May 6 (Sunday) from 1:15 to 2:30 pm for a time of lunch, fellowship and questions.  There’s no cost or obligation.  We’ll try to answer all your questions and give you a good understanding of our church. Please sign up at the Welcome Desk.




Hope For All Church Update

At Hope For All church, we are now in the Empowerment series. God is at work and he is healing people and restoring them from their suffering. Just last week as we were sharing about how Jesus restores a woman who was suffering for 12 years, there was a lady in our congregation who had been suffering from similar issues in her life. Later with her permission, we prayed for her and shared the Gospel with her. She was in tears when we embraced and welcomed her into our family. 


As HFA church our aim and hope for this quarter is to reach out to those who are psychologically, spiritually, and physically suffering in their lives. Our goal is to walk alongside with them, and stir in them the hope that Christ gives us. If you are passionate about sharing your stories which you think might encourage those who are facing a similar situation, please join us. Sunday Service 11-1pm, at 9 Cliff Road, Yau Mau Tei. For more information on our church please visit our website, or Facebook at Hope For All Church. 

Pastor at HFA


Community Church Employment Opportunity

Please click here for an employment opportunity at Community Church.
























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