Having been changed in worship and community, our hearts’ desire is to bring change into our world. The simple, but powerful John 3:16 is a reminder for us that Jesus gave his life for our world in love, and that we are called to ‘live a life of love’ (Ephesians 5:2) in our daily worlds. Other passages that challenge us are Matthew 25, ‘serving the least of these’ in their practical needs, and Matthew 6, where our prayers for ‘daily bread’ include those who do not have any.


Serving the world through our outreach projects has been central to Community Church from our very beginning. Each year we give 15% of our proceeds to outreach projects serving individuals and organizations in mainland China, and throughout Asia with many opportunities here in Hong Kong.


Below are some of the blessings and activities we are thankful for, with quotes from some of our ministry leaders.