Volunteer Opportunities at ICM



  1. Kid’s club Specialist help needed. We have around 30 – 40 children that come to Kid’s club every Saturday. Teams from our partner churches help out but we have 3 children who have very specific special educational needs, which are proving to be challenging given our constraints.  We are in need of an Educational special needs specialist who could a) come and train our staff in better ways to facilitate these children or alternatively b) who could train a small volunteer team from your church to help with these children on a monthly rota. 


  1. Summer VBS.  Our summer VBS for our children will take place from each afternoon Monday July 31 to Friday Aug 4 for young children 3 – 6yrs and from Monday 7 to Friday 11 August for 7 – 11yr olds. In each case we normally have about 30 children.  In order to deliver a really great creative experience we need a large group of volunteers either youth (16yrs+) or adults who can commit for either one or both weeks. Previous years have been enormous fun and rewarding for all.


Please contact Cecilia or Martin for more information.


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